Mountain Blog with pictures

Its 8:30am its warm my toyota tro barly came up the mountain now im at the top looking at the city its beautiful.Its 10:14 im hungry so went down to a restraunt had some great panckakes with 7 bite size sausages.Now its 10:45 im diving to a forest 3 hours away from here this place has a bike trail that leads to a big lake which has a waterfall 2 miles from the lake has a amazing river with strong current.Its 1:56 traffic was a little slow but made it im bikeing right now to the lake try to get some pictures of the place.Its 2:15 im here at the lake the water is cold I could see a glimps of the water fall from a hill.It is 2:27 im here at the water fall its about 15 feet high the water falling sounds very smooth the river is close im going to bike to the river a little bit further.Its 2:35 I biked pretty far the rivers current still strong from the water fall from here its very dangerous the water is too strong for anybody can go on now im going to go back home.Its