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New store opening what will it sell,what will it be named,and where is it?Find out by reading the article

08/2/2017 2:34Some people prefer to shope at walmart others prefer the mall but wouldn't you want to find clothes that fit on you and same brand you like for a cheaper price then go shop atFit on you at Granada Hills.Fit on you gives you options of many clothes with popular brands of and also they announced that sports equipment and shoes are sold there too.Polo shirt are at $3.00 for 2.Jeans and shirts are at 5 for $6.00.Shoes are at 10.00 all of them exept shoeslike nike,jordans,and adidas are at $20.00 so buy now before they run out.

08/9/2017 1:59The fit on you store has announced that they will be open until 3 weeks because they can not buy no more items because all there items are going to last for a little bit.So they want help from people to help them get the items they need for them.08/11/2017 Great news the fit on you store has made lots of money there selling there items now go shop now and the owner of the store gave a 25% discount on the people who helped them!08/23/2017 10:30 the store has made 3 more of them in Panorama City,los Angeles,and Van Nuys.

We at fit on you give best prices but we will be remebered as the people who gave so much to not to forget about.
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